Friday, August 31, 2007

Ashley & Kevin's engagement shoot

Congratulations on your Engagement!!!

Ashley and Kevin just recently became engaged and are planning on a winter wedding this year. They drove up from Salem for their photo shoot because they love coming up to Portland every chance they get. We took them out around town from 23rd street to the Pearl District down to the Bank District. We had a great time and will be seeing them again soon to photograph their wedding in December!

p.s. they both win the "best hair" contest for the year!


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sonja & Gregory's Wedding

Sonja & Greg's 08-12-07
Sonja & Greg's wedding was held at Beckenridge Vineyard, a beautiful venue in Dallas, Oregon on August 12th. The day was chilly for August but we managed to work with a little rain and clouds to capture some great moments. Here are some of our favorites of the day along with a link to their slideshow.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Erin & Chad's Wedding

Erin & Chad 08-11-07
It was a fun celebration with Erin & Chad this past August 11th. The over all theme of thier day was carribean and they put so much into making that vision come to life. They had amazing food and an awesome reggae band playing at their reception. The party went long into the night and it was fun to see so many people come together to celebrate Erin and Chad's wedding. Here is a link to there slideshow and some of our favorite pictures of the day:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Katie's Bridal Shoot

This was a first for us. We want to start offering "bridal sessions" to our brides next year which is an extra session after the wedding just with the bride. We usually don't get enough time with just the bride on her wedding day to get some phenomenal shots of her all dolled up in her beautiful dress with her special jewelry and all the rest of those details that go into being a bride. Therefore why not take her out one more time and really have some fun before she takes her dress off to the cleaners for the last time?

Katie was the perfect fit for what we wanted from the session. She is sweet, funny and gorgeous! Not to mention, we love love love her dress! Not many can pull off such a cool dress. We took her out on the town earlier this month for an hour and had a great time. We walked around downtown portand and couldn't have asked for more amazing weather! There was bright blue skies and beautiful fluffy white clouds. It was amazing!

Anyways... enjoy some of our favorites from the day below and click on the slideshow link to see more!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Woooo hooooo!!!!!

We love our Nikon's and tonight Nikon let the world know about the D3 series coming this November.
Here is the link to Nikon's announcement

Tina & Dana's Wedding

Tina & Dana 08-04-07

Tina and Dana have a way they look at each other. The look that just shows how much they care for each other and are so happy to be together. It was our pleasure to document their day with all of the moments of laughter and tears from their beautiful ceremony through their wonderful reception.

A favorite moment for us was during the ceremony when the clouds broke and a sun beam warmed their faces. All day there had been wind and clouds blowing around Portland. Yet when the sun broke through for those last moments of the ceremony it felt like time stopped.

Thanks for having us along on your wedding day! We truely enjoyed documenting the sweet love you have for one another!


Monday, August 20, 2007

sharing is nice

Josh and I have developed the habit of showing our clients shots as we take them. We hope it gives our clients some confidence and excitement with how they are working with us. It is hard not to let clients see, especially when Josh and I start "oooohing and aaaahing" as we look at our cameras. Gotta love digital!! Here is a shot I snapped of Josh as he showed off one of his shots to Tina and Dana at their wedding this August 4th.