Saturday, September 8, 2007

Joe & Tiffany 08.18.07

Joe and Tiffany were married last month in Salem Oregon. The day was phenomenal and we LOVED the big fluffy clouds moving around in the sky all day!

Joe and Tiffany share a sweet love together. They are always laughing which is great for any relationship but it also makes them really fun to photograph! In fact their engagement shoot is one of our favorites. You can check it out here: ENGAGEMENT SLIDESHOW From that you can see we were excited to work with them again on their big day - and they did not fail us! They were even happier on their wedding day (of course!)

One trend Josh and I have noticed is many of our clients this year are also artists in one way or another. It gives us drive to push ourselves and really try new things. I bring this up because Tiffany is a hair stylist (our third hair stylist bride this summer!) and Joe is going to school for Graphic Design (go Beavs!) I hope this trend of creative couples keeps on because it makes our work that much more creative when we get to work with people that understand us and appreciate all that we do!

Thanks Joe and Tiffany for the great time and enjoy your photos!