Monday, September 10, 2007

Julie & Chris 08.31.07

Julie & Chris were married downtown Portland on August 31st. It was fun being able to enjoy the beautiful day with them and document their love for each other in the first couple hours as husband and wife. Here are some of our favorites from the session and a link to a slideshow with some more! Enjoy.


Our clients are trying to confuse us...

So I didn't actually realize this until last week when I made my first mistake and put the wrong name on a slideshow (eek!). I'm pretty sure all of our clients are trying to confuse Josh and I ;) SO so so many of their names overlap. Here is a rundown for you all. Crazy huh? 10 duplicate names!

Corey & Lora > Laura & Greg > Greg & Sonja
Ann & Chris > Chris & Melissa > Melissa & Michael > Michael & Trisha
Evan & Jessica > Jessica & Ryan
Kelii & Katie > Katie & Spencer
Sarah & Derek > Derek & Ashley > Ashley & Kevin > Kevin & Robin