Monday, March 3, 2008

Canby Telcom portraits

We were contacted about a month ago to work with Canby Telcom, a communications company in Canby Oregon that sells television, phone, internet services and more. They needed to update their photos and get some fresh portraiture done to use in advertising, web, and other applications. Josh and I were excited to take on a new adventure. The people were great to work with and we had a blast meeting everyone and making them laugh as we snapped away! Not the typical day in the office when you have a lighting set-up and 2 photographers in your office, but they all did wonderful! Check out some of our favorites below.

Front Page of Oregonian Online!

Wow, we are getting around the web this past week! Even though they didn't credit Josh for this project, he has spent the past month organizing and executing a workshop for Photographers that happened yesterday. It was a complete success and exceeded all of our expectations! 6 photographers came for the photo shoot and we had about 8-10 models to work with for over 5 hours in downtown Portland. I will talk more about it and post some amazing photos in a day or two. BUT during the photo shoot, a photographer from the Oregonian came up and snapped a couple shots and took down our information. His photograph is now on the cover of the Oregonian Online and it mentions the project. How cool is that? Check it out!

Oregonian Online