Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kevin & Ashley ~ 12.14.07

Kevin and Ashley are so very sweet! Sweet people on their own and even sweeter when together. Josh and I loved working with them on their engagement shoot this past fall and during their wedding. They were married a couple weeks ago on December 14th down near Independence Oregon at the Green Villa Barn. We had never been there, but were pleasantly surprised at how large the venue was. Kevin and Ashley managed to fill the place with tons of close friends and family.

One of the best moments of the day (for us) was when Ashley was ready to see Kevin for the first time so we could take some photos before the sun set. I approached Kevin and asked if he was ready to see his bride and he looked at me and said "I get to see her now? Really?" He forgot that we were going to do photos before the ceremony as we often do. His look of excitement was so great in that moment. We walked around the property and had some fun with photos in a nearby field as Kevin swung Ashley around in his arms. The ceremony came next. It was powerful and romantic as they became husband and wife. Again, I caught myself tearing up. It's so moving to see two people join their lives together who love and care for each other as much as these two do.

The night was topped off with a giant bucket of rice being dumped on the bride and groom. :) It was quite the send off as they left on their honeymoon.

Did I mention all of Ashley's bridesmaids looked awesome in black and white dresses with red stiletto heels! I loved the look and they were so awesome to fight the cold with us outside for a couple photos before the sun went down.

Enjoy our favorites below and click the link to view more in the slideshow!