Monday, September 24, 2007

Kari & Carl's Wedding 08-26-07

Kari and Carl have a look every time their eyes meet telling the world how much they love each other. They have a sweet, quite, but strong bond together and it was an honor to be a witness on the day these two started thier married life together.

As proof of their sweet love together, the minister said something so telling of their relationship during the ceremony. He talked about how understanding and respectful they are of eachother. He said no matter how hard he tried to find a flaw or weakness in their relationship in the months leading up to the wedding, he just couldn't. We had the same experience with them. They were nothing but kind and loving to one another. A great example for everyone to learn from!

We hope to do a bridal shoot with Kari soon before the weather gets too chilly. Check back in the following weeks for more.