Monday, April 19, 2010

Rachel + Rusty's engagement

I met up with Rachel and Rusty yesterday on Hawthorne Street in SE Portland. I had never done a photo shoot there so I was excited to go somewhere new! Hawthorne is a street that is oh so very Portland. If you ever need something to do, it's worth hanging out there just to watch people. We walked up and down between the 30-60th blocks. There were tons of great colors and textures to work with. All we had to deal with was the muggy warm air, which wasn't that big of a deal since we are all so happy to see the sun once again! Rachel and Rusty are getting married later this summer at the World Forestry Center.

p.s. I love my clients! I don't know if I say that enough. They are all really sweet, cool, funny people. This summer is going to be so fun when weddings start up next month!

my little Sophie Soph

This is my doggie Sophie. She makes me smile on a daily basis. Last night she was running around alike a crazy little dog and afterwards she was smiling. I had to snap some shots. Love that little girl!