Friday, April 16, 2010

Jake + Crystal's engagement

We met with Jake and Crystal last weekend for their engagement shoot out in Forest Grove. It is so beautiful out west of Portland. There are endless fields, wide open roads and beautiful rollings hills in the background. Crystal and Jake found me though several friends that I have worked with over the past 2 years. I LOVE my referral clients! They have already been able to see me work at weddings and have experienced my work through their friends' weddings. It's wonderful to already have a small history with a couple before getting to know them at their engagement shoot.

Crystal and Jake brought along their two dogs, Cedar and Lily, for the first part of the shoot. I love when couples do this on their engagement shoots because I have the same relationship with my own dog Sophie. She is definitely considered part of my family. Not to mention, dogs always make shoots that much more fun. After we walked around an orchard with the dogs, we headed to Mcmenamin's Grand Lodge. And yes, I managed to make it to two different Mcmenamin's in two days for photos! Love those properties, they are always fun to use for photo shoots.

Crystal and Jake are super sweet together. You can see how much they adore one another in photos. But trust me, they are just as cute together in real life. I love love! Looking forward to their wedding next month.