Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This goes out to all past, present and future clients! We just changed our business phone number to be a Portland number. The business started down in Corvallis over 3 years ago so I never wanted to change the number even though we have been in Portland for almost 2 years now. In order to let people know we are living in and based out of Portland, I decided to take a jump and change our number. I had the old one for almost five years so it is sad to say goodbye to it.


Monday, January 28, 2008

my new do!

I decided to get myself a new haircut today. I normally leave more hair... this time it is short! I love it. And thankfully so does Josh. He did a mini photo shoot with me today and I liked the results. (Thanks Josh!!)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Emma & Maggie part II

We did a photo shoot with Emma & Maggie back in late November. The initial reason for the shoot was to capture the twins as the little princesses they are. They love their princess costumes and those moments are what define these girls at their age. During the first photo shoot, the costumes never made it! Their parents searched high and low and could not find the treasured costumes for the photo shoot. We still had fun and captured great moments.

A couple days later, I received a call from their mom saying she found the costumes! She also said how bummed they were that they didn't get to capture the girls the way they originally planned. We went undercover and kept the second photo shoot from the dad so that the mom could surprise him at Christmas with the princess photos. Therefore when we first posted photos of Emma & Maggie we didn't include any from the second shoot. Well... two months later and here are some of our favorites along with a link to the slideshow. We had a great time and it was great to see the little princess costumes that we heard about for weeks.



Friday, January 18, 2008


I don't want to reveal too much right now but these are some test shoots we did this week. I just had to share... they taste as good as they look! mmmm!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kyle's senior year photo shoot

We went out on the town with Kyle this past Sunday. Man it turned out to be a beautiful day! We walked around downtown discovering some cool new spots for photos. Then we headed across the Steel Bridge and that is always a great spot as long as you can dodge all the bikers riding by. At the end of the shoot we photographed Kyle on his long board and I think we pictured him out! It was fun getting to know him and his mom for the day.

Enjoy some of our favorites from the day along with a link to the slideshow on our website. (let us know what you think - leave us comments!)


Friday, January 11, 2008


As I asked Josh if I could post this he responded perfectly by saying "Of course, it is your favorite game after all..." So true! I have loved Tetris since I got my first gameboy back when I was 8. I saw this video on my friend Hollye's blog and stole it for our own blog. I hope all of you can enjoy it as much as I do. Gotta love the classics!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Josh's Blog

We have decided to start sharing more on our blog here. We want to post more than just wedding and engagement photos. We want to share our personal work and more about our day to day lives. I want to share Josh's work with everyone. He is such an amazing photographer and has such beautiful visions that he is able to capture. Believe it or not, our working style is almost opposite. We function completely different in how we think and execute art. With that said, Josh has been able to teach me and help me to grow as an artist through working beside him. I am so thankful he is who he is and for all he bring to my life.

I started this business without Josh but he joined about a year in and added the heart and soul to all that is now "Honeysuckle Photography" With his help and talent we have far exceeded the goals I originally had for the business.

Anyways... check out this beautiful photo he took a couple months back at the Oregon Coast. I love everything about it. Also, check out his personal photography blog.


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Will's senior shoot

This past week, we got to hang out with Will for a couple hours in Portland. It hasn't been too cold this winter, but the day of the shoot, it was in the 30s!! I know I was freezing my butt off the whole time, but Will was tough and didn't even act cold the entire time. Will graduates this Spring and will be heading down to Corvallis to attend OSU. Josh and I lived there for 5 years while we were both going to school. I am partial to the Beavs myself so it was cool to see Will show up with an OSU hoodie on.

We would love to do some more senior portrait shoots this winter so please spread the word and contact us if you or someone you know needs them. We love doing them!

Check out some of our favorites from the shoot below and click the following link for the slideshow > SLIDESHOW

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Beautiful Portland

We were out on a photo shoot in Portland on December 31st. It was freezing, but the cold kept the fog in Portland all day. During a break, I snapped this shot downtown. Josh and I love Portland so much. It is so beautiful all year. We love everything from the cold rainy days to the blossoms in the spring, the warm summer days and the colorful leaves in the fall. We can't imagine living anywhere else. If you have never been here, it is definitely a city to visit if you are on the West Coast.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Isabelle again!

While we were down in Riverside California last month we were so happy to meet up with our friends and past clients Dustin, Katy and thier daughter Isabelle. We planned a photo shoot the day before Katy's sister's wedding (Trisha and Michael) and we were all looking forward to it for weeks beforehand. Once we got there, the weather went south and not only did it rain - IT POURED all day long. There were no breaks in the sky and we were limited to shooting indoors and under covers outside. We managed to get a couple great photos, but the shoot was cut short due to the lack of options for photo locations.

We still had a great time seeing all three of them again. Isabelle is growing fast, but man is she a fun little girl! She has such a big personality already and is full of smiles. We hope to work with them again soon on a possible road trip through California this year. Until then, enjoy some of the photos from the shoot below.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!! Josh and I hope you all had a great night last night and are celebrating the start of a great new year today! Nothing beats the feeling of a new year at your fingertips with new opportunities, new people, new experiences, and new life on the way (my sister is pregnant, YAY!!)

This past year was great for us. Our business was successful - We had over 25 weddings! We stopped renting and bought our first house. My brother and his wife welcomed their baby girl this November. There is so much more to mention, but all in all, it was a great year. We are looking forward to all that 2008 brings.

As far as resolutions and such... Josh and I are trying to get healthy once again. Despite all the energy we exude during photo shoots and weddings, the bulk of our time is spent at computers all day long. Not the best for our stealth photographer physiques :) We have started jogging and eating better as of last week. We both hope to be trimmer and feel better by the time Spring hits again in a few months. Wish us the best as we embark on this new way of living.

Well... get out there and enjoy the day!