Friday, January 1, 2010

Laurel + Matt's engagement

Hello 2010!! I'm happy to have something to post on the first day of this year, and even better the first day of this decade! These last ten years went by way too fast, but I am so happy to be where I am, doing what I love! Here's to an even better 10 years ahead!

Laurel and Matt's engagement shoot was way too much fun. We headed down to the SE waterfront outside of Sellwood. We lucked out and found a ton of gorgeous fall colors after most of the leaves had already fallen around the city. After the waterfront, we headed up to Oaks Amusement Park. I had never even been there before so I wasn't sure what to expect. Once we walked in, we were all surprised to find no one was watching the property. We managed to hop into bumper cars and even climb up on the roller coaster without getting into trouble. It was so amazing! Definitely worth the risk. After all that fun, I am really excited to work with these two again in a few short months on their wedding day.