Friday, April 23, 2010

Mike + Danielle's engagement shoot

Yesterday evening, Brian and I met up with Mike and Danielle for their engagement photos. We all wandered around downtown, headed towards the waterfront and then ended up over on the East side of the river for some shots of the cityscape. When we first met last week to discuss the shoot, it was very clear they both love Portland so it made for the perfect setting.

These two are so madly in love which is always great for photos, but it also helped that Mike knew exactly what to do and say to keep us all laughing. Danielle always had a huge smile on her face. There were a couple times when we would tell Mike to be serious for a photo, but that would make all of us crack up even more when he put on a serious face. One of my favorite moments was when Mike and Danielle sat on the waterfront and described their first kiss which Danielle wasn't quite ready for at the time. Check out the slideshow to see the reenactment!

The shoot was way too much fun, congrats you two!