Monday, May 10, 2010

Theo turned 3!

I was contacted once again by the lovely Jami Curl (owner of Saint Cupcake)to photograph her family as her one and only little boy turned three this past month! We have had a tradition to do a family shoot around his birthday for three years now! Well, two years have passed, but I have done three birthday photos shoots, starting when he turned one. Did you get that math?

This was the first time that Theo was aware of my camera and that it meant he would proudly look right into my lens and smile for me! It made my heart melt when he would say "cheeeeese!" We had a ton of fun wandering around some industrial areas in NW Portland and then we ended the evening at Sauvie Island where we explored a grassy field and had a picnic. The balloons were meant to be in more photos, but Theo was worried they would fly away (don't we all worry about that when it comes to our balloons!). It took a lot of convincing for him to finally hold one balloon at the very end of the shoot. It was worth the wait. Thanks Theo! It has been so fun documenting you over the years. Can't wait for the next shoot!