Friday, August 6, 2010

Laurel + Matt's wedding

As I finished up working on Laurel and Matt's wedding photos, I realized the bright, vibrant, colorful photos reflect this couple perfectly. These two are so full of life and laughter. The entire day was playful, fun and colorful.

The bride and groom session was a little out of the ordinary. As soon as we started to work with them alone, Laurel made a comment about how it'd be cool to have her dad's gun for some photos. Me: "your dad has a gun? here? now? lets do it!" First ever photos with a bride and a gun. I think they're pretty fun :) Then, as we headed towards a red barn on the property, a giant, yes GIANT, turkey began to follow us. Thankfully Laurel's dad was close by to scare the huge bird away so we could take some photos. Definitely some unique photos for these two.

The day transformed into a huge dance party. The dance floor was packed and everyone was having so much fun. As you can see, even Laurel's grandma Thelma was out on the dance floor living it up! Great people and a fun couple. Congrats to Laurel and Matt!