Sunday, June 27, 2010

SNEAK PEEK! Jen + Ben's wedding

Chris and Monica's engagement

I met Monica and Chris for the first time at their engagement shoot up at Mount Hood. We were all surprised to find the mountain still completely covered in snow! It was a gorgeous day, over 60 degrees and bright blue skies. We did a little photographing in and around the Timberline Lodge and then we headed down the road to Trillium Lake. There was a clear shot of the mountain right over the vibrant blue lake. It was so so gorgeous. Monica and Chris brought along their sweet and super cute dog Buddah. He was given many treats during the shoot and cooperated perfectly. As you can see he even smiled in some of the photos.

Monica and Chris still have this entire summer to get through before they get married in October. Looking forward to photographing their big day in a few months. Until then, I will keep posting a ton on here as summer is now in full swing!