Friday, August 17, 2007

Meg & Mick's Wedding

What a celebration on 07-28-07!
This was a vacation for all the people attending Meg and Mick's wedding. It started 4 days prior at Anderson Lodge. There was fishing, swimming, vollyball and just having a great time. On the day of the wedding, everybody was in a wonderful mood and ready for the wedding to kick off as the grand finale of the week. Seeing how in love Meg & Mick are and capturing it through our cameras makes our job the best in the world.

Oh, and we must give props to one of the best dogs we have ever worked with. Meg and Mick's dog Seb was so fun to work with all day. He is very well behaved and so sweet! He was thier ring bearer during the ceremony and hung around all day with everyone.

Thanks Meg and Mick. Your wedding was fantastic!