Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Portland Photography Workshop part 1

Josh began planning this project over a month ago with a friend of his. There is a whole culture of girls and women that dress up in what they refer to as "Lolita Fashion" From what I understand of it, it is a style of fashion that developed in Japan and has made its way into America. The dresses, jewelry and shoes are amazing! Very creative, one-of-a-kind pieces. All of the ladies looked great and posed for us for over 4 hours! We started at the Pittock Mansion and then walked around downtown until the sun went down.

There were 6 photographers all together and Josh was the mastermind behind the project. I can't believe the work we got out of the project! It was refreshing to photograph just for fun and have no pressure around the process. We hope to keep up this workshop and start planning new projects soon! If you are a photographer in or around Portland and you want to participate in the next workshop, contact us and we will keep you informed!

These are some of my photos (Maggie). We will post more later! Check back soon!

coming to Colorado!

Hey everyone! We are going to be in Denver & Colorado Springs in 2 weeks. If anyone has anything going on give us a call. Whether you are a photographer or just want to grab a cup of coffee and talk, we are down to meet some people along the way.

email: maggie @honey-photo.com
phone: 503.828.2750