Monday, March 31, 2008

Megan & Eric: Boulder photo shoot

We had the pleasure of flying out to Boulder Colorado two weeks ago to meet and work with Megan and Eric. They were married on Saint Patrick's day, but we flew out a day early to meet them and do a mini photo shoot before the big day came along. We always tell our clients it is great to do our engagement shoots just for the pleasure of getting to know them and for them to get used to us and what we do. This was no exception. Megan and Eric welcomed us with open arms and took us in as friends right from the start.

For the shoot we walked around Boulder and then ventured up a small mountain road to get some photos in the falling snow. We also got to meet their dogs - Anabelle & Moose (guess which one is which). You will see more of them in the wedding photos! Check back this week for photos from their wedding.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jacobson's Bar Mitzvah

We have been out of town for the past two weeks but right before we left, we photographed Jacobson's Bar Mitzvah here in town! We did a small portrait session about a month ago, then two weeks ago we photographed a little on the day of the ceremony and then spent the next day photographing the celebration that went long into the night. It was a pleasure getting to know Jacobson and his family and friends over the past month. Check out some of our favorites from the day. Don't forget to view the slideshow as well! Enjoy!


we're back!

We are not gone, we just stepped out for a couple weeks for a little business along with some little travel and relaxation. We are home now and ready to jump back into work. We have a couple events and other happenings to post about so stay tuned in the next couple days!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Linzmarie Designs headshots

Lindsay is a good friend of ours and we met her though photographing her wedding in 2005! She has been building her own business of invitation design and has been successful over the past 2 summers. You can find her website/blog here: Linzmarie Designs Check her out, she is very talented and a super sweet gal to know! You will love her!

We met her for a couple minutes the other day to snap a couple head shots for her to use for her business or whatever she needs them for. Here are some of our favorites from the short session.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cameron & Emily's engagement

Wow! We can't hardly put into words how fun Cameron and Emily's engagement shoot was this past weekend! They came looking like rock stars and were down to go anywhere and do anything!

We started at a small airport in Hillsboro. We contemplated asking permission to take photos there, but we decided to just go for it. If we were to get kicked out, then that would be that :) Instead we got a bunch of people watching but no one asked us what we were up to. It worked out great! I guess Emily and Cameron really did look like rock stars. Then we headed into Portland. We walked around downtown and took photos near the Art Museum where Cameron and Emily officially got engaged a couple month ago. We ended the shoot on 23rd steer where we took a couple shots in the dark - just for fun.

We love customizing our engagement sessions to really bring out the best in our couples and do things they would love to be doing even if we weren't taking photos. It was a perfect shoot and we can't wait for their wedding in two months... stay tuned for more from Cameron & Emily!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Baby Noah

We had the pleasure of meeting little Baby Noah this weekend for his debut photo shoot. He is just over 3 months old and has quite a charm about him. He was nothing but smiles when we first arrived and then he became very serious and thoughtful when we started to take photos. His mom was the only one that could get him to laugh and smile and take his thoughts off the pressure of having to pose for us :)


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jacobson: before the Bar Mitzvah

We met Jacobson this past Monday in the Pearl District. He was super easy and fun to work with. He knew how to look like a rock star so our job was easy! We will be photographing his Bar Mtizvah in a couple weeks. We wanted to meet him and give him some photos to have before the big day comes along. We will post photos from his party in a few so stay tuned!