Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cameron & Emily's engagement

Wow! We can't hardly put into words how fun Cameron and Emily's engagement shoot was this past weekend! They came looking like rock stars and were down to go anywhere and do anything!

We started at a small airport in Hillsboro. We contemplated asking permission to take photos there, but we decided to just go for it. If we were to get kicked out, then that would be that :) Instead we got a bunch of people watching but no one asked us what we were up to. It worked out great! I guess Emily and Cameron really did look like rock stars. Then we headed into Portland. We walked around downtown and took photos near the Art Museum where Cameron and Emily officially got engaged a couple month ago. We ended the shoot on 23rd steer where we took a couple shots in the dark - just for fun.

We love customizing our engagement sessions to really bring out the best in our couples and do things they would love to be doing even if we weren't taking photos. It was a perfect shoot and we can't wait for their wedding in two months... stay tuned for more from Cameron & Emily!



Mandy@Mandy Hank Photography said...

Maggie- I love the 2nd shot- it's beautiful. Her red dress and heels are great!


Smith Gallery Photography said...

love'n them... and love that red dress... the sky in the airfield makes such a fantastic bkdrop - what can I say I'm always impressed with your work!

Kacie Jean said...

All I can say is...WOW Maggie! Every single one of those images ROCK! What a fun and adorable couple.