Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Woooo hooooo!!!!!

We love our Nikon's and tonight Nikon let the world know about the D3 series coming this November.
Here is the link to Nikon's announcement

Tina & Dana's Wedding

Tina & Dana 08-04-07

Tina and Dana have a way they look at each other. The look that just shows how much they care for each other and are so happy to be together. It was our pleasure to document their day with all of the moments of laughter and tears from their beautiful ceremony through their wonderful reception.

A favorite moment for us was during the ceremony when the clouds broke and a sun beam warmed their faces. All day there had been wind and clouds blowing around Portland. Yet when the sun broke through for those last moments of the ceremony it felt like time stopped.

Thanks for having us along on your wedding day! We truely enjoyed documenting the sweet love you have for one another!