Monday, January 7, 2008

Josh's Blog

We have decided to start sharing more on our blog here. We want to post more than just wedding and engagement photos. We want to share our personal work and more about our day to day lives. I want to share Josh's work with everyone. He is such an amazing photographer and has such beautiful visions that he is able to capture. Believe it or not, our working style is almost opposite. We function completely different in how we think and execute art. With that said, Josh has been able to teach me and help me to grow as an artist through working beside him. I am so thankful he is who he is and for all he bring to my life.

I started this business without Josh but he joined about a year in and added the heart and soul to all that is now "Honeysuckle Photography" With his help and talent we have far exceeded the goals I originally had for the business.

Anyways... check out this beautiful photo he took a couple months back at the Oregon Coast. I love everything about it. Also, check out his personal photography blog.



shawnreeder said...

Wow! Amazing shot Josh!! I'm gonna check out your blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I love everything about it too! Beautiful!