Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Isabelle again!

While we were down in Riverside California last month we were so happy to meet up with our friends and past clients Dustin, Katy and thier daughter Isabelle. We planned a photo shoot the day before Katy's sister's wedding (Trisha and Michael) and we were all looking forward to it for weeks beforehand. Once we got there, the weather went south and not only did it rain - IT POURED all day long. There were no breaks in the sky and we were limited to shooting indoors and under covers outside. We managed to get a couple great photos, but the shoot was cut short due to the lack of options for photo locations.

We still had a great time seeing all three of them again. Isabelle is growing fast, but man is she a fun little girl! She has such a big personality already and is full of smiles. We hope to work with them again soon on a possible road trip through California this year. Until then, enjoy some of the photos from the shoot below.


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Ruth Rackley said...

that last image is just timeless.