Monday, September 17, 2007

Melissa & Chris 08.25.07

Melissa and Chris were married in Corvallis at the Hanson Country Inn on an amazing day. Melissa was radiant from the moment we first encountered her. Chris and her were glowing all day and were nothing but smiles and laughter as they enjoyed the day with all thier friends and family. You could really sense the love between them.

Some key moments of the day were the heirlooms Melissa kept close to her all day. She wore a ring and kept a locket from her grandparents on her bouquet (see the photo below). I also loved the way they did their table assignments for dinner. They made Jam and labeled the tops with the names of each guest and where they were assigned to sit. I just thought it was such a cool gift for everyone! Lastly, The guests threw lavender at Melissa and Chris as they exited the ceremony as husband and wife! It smelled amazing and made for some cool photos!

Our friend and assistant Amy came along with me for the day and Josh was out at the coast for another wedding. Check out some of my favorites from the day and Stay tuned for photos from Josh's August 25th wedding.


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