Friday, October 26, 2007

Courtney & David's engagement

Courtney and David were so fun to be around for thier engagement shoot a couple weeks back! Even though we all live in Portland, we came up with the idea of a trip to Seattle for the day. Josh and I love going up to Seattle so we were ready to have fun!

Courtney and David had never been to Pike Place Market so we had to do some of the photos there. We walked around the market area and made a stop at the world famous Pike Place Fish Market where they are known for throwing fish around. David and Courtney asked if they could catch a fish and the guys tossed David a huge Salmon from about 30 feet away. He caught it on the first toss with his bare hands and we got some great shots while it happened! It was the best way to start a photo shoot. If only we could start all of our photo shoots that way! :)

We then went down to the piers, went to the Seattle Aquarium, and ended up at Gas Works. Gas Works is a park across the sound that has a great hill that overlooks all of downtown Seattle. The weather was phenomenal, especially for October and we had such a great time getting to know David and Courtney. Can't wait for their wedding coming up this next summer!

To view the slideshow: "CLICK HERE"

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