Thursday, October 4, 2007

Holle & Kevin's engagement shoot

Maggie and I got to go out for a nice walk around Eugene with Holle and Kevin last month. Before we started the engagement shoot, we went to Mcmenaman's for a snack and some small conversation to start the day.

The first spot that we started to take pictures is where Kevin asked Holle to marry him. We then went to the University of Oregon's campus. Neither Josh or I have spent much time there so we were excited to find some great new places to photograph. The highlight of the day was when Holle and Kevin began to dance together. They both know how to dance and they brought us to the building where they took some dance classes together. In the hallway Kevin led Holle on a sweet dance that ended with a great dip! We can't wait to see all the dancing that will be going on during thier wedding.

Enjoy some of our favorites from the day and the slideshow link is below!

To see there slideshow CLICK HERE

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