Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mike & Ashley's engagement

From the looks of these photos, it is hard to believe that we took these less than 2 weeks ago at the Oregon Coast! Yes, these were taken in November at the Oregon Coast! We couldn't have had better weather for the day. We had a great time traveling around Newport and seeing the best the city has to offer. We went to the docks on the bayfront, snapped some shots on the bridge, walked out on the jettys, went to the lighthouse and finished at the cobblestone beach. It was an eventful photo shoot to say the least!

Mike and Ashley are such a sweet couple. They met and fell instantly in love with one another. Ashley told us that she "just knew" Mike was going to be her husband when they first met. They truly love each other and it will be wonderful to join them on their wedding day this next summer at the Oregon Garden just east of Salem.

In case you were wondering, Mike recently joined the Army. In honor of his commitment to our country, he wore his uniform for a couple photos.

Enjoy some of our favorites below and click the link to view the slideshow!



Laura said...

Hey Guys!
YOUR WORK IS FANTASTIC...it is so good I am yelling. ;)

Loved both your blogs and your websites. Beautifully and lovingly produced.

Laura Boston Thek

Cindy said...

Breathtaking! They look so happy!