Sunday, May 25, 2008


As you may or may not know, Josh has organized two workshops for Portland photographers this year and has another one underway for next month. We have posted the results on our blog when the workshops wrap so you can see some of the results on the links below. The majority of the photographers are friends in an online community that Josh and I participate in called JPG. It is a wonderful site to post work and get feedback from talented people all around the world. The magazines creates 6 issues a year and sends them to thousands of subscribers and they also sell them in store likes Borders and Barnes and Nobel.

The latest issue has a story on the workshops Josh has been organizing! WHOA! And it was the first article in the magazine! The top photo was taken by me, hence I'm not in it, but I did participate! It is so great that they recognized the hard work and amazing projects that Josh has put together. Keep it up Josh!



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That's fantastic you guys! Congrats!!!!