Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just For Art Workshop 3.0

Here we go again! Josh was hard at work planing and executing his 3rd photography workshop here in Portland. It was held in downtown this past Sunday and the theme was "make the dress" Everyone brought materials to make clothing and it was a blast! I never thought I would enjoy the fashion aspect of it, but I really got into it towards the end of the shoot. 13 photographers made it to the workshop and we have 4 amazing models working for us for over 4 hours. Everyone had a great time and I know there are many more workshops to come. Contact us if you have any ideas, want to photograph or even model for us in the future.

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Smith Gallery Photography said...

every time I see these posts I get jealous I don't live closer... it looks like SO much fun - and I LOVE some of the images from this one!