Tuesday, July 8, 2008


A few weeks ago, Josh contacted us with the idea of having us photograph his proposal to his girlfriend Melissa (now his fiance!) We could not resist! What an amazing opportunity to be apart of!

Josh (the soon to be groom) was really slick about the whole set up. He managed to hide sparkling cider, a rose, and the ring at the bottom of Clear Lake. He kept pulling stuff out of the lake, one bag at a time until the ring was in the final bag. It was such a fun idea and great way to pop the question, not to mention super romantic! As soon as Melissa put her hands to her mouth, we knew the question had been asked. Josh got on one knee and we saw her nod. At that point our cover was blown as the camera shutters started firing. She laughed and started looking around the hillside only to see me wave and say "congrats you two!"

We were decked out in Josh's military camo for the shoot. The newly-engaged Josh was kind enough to snap a photo of us on the shore with his iPhone (see below). This was another first for us and we hope to do it again. So all you guys out there... you know who to call when the time comes :)



Anonymous said...

So adorable! Great shots, beautiful
kids. Wish them happiness forever.

Tina Hong said...

That is AWESOME Maggie. Nice outfits, look familiar. ;)

Autumn said...

how fun!! what an amazing moment to be able to witness - you captured it beautifully (not to mention that you guys are too cute decked out in camo)

Kendra said...

I agree with Autumn. It's awesome that you could record this moment for them. I cried. Been doing that alot since Gabriela was born. HAHA. Spectacular shots.