Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kelsey + Andy's wedding ~ 08.23.08

Where do we begin with these two? Well, they met in elementary school and that is where they were married this past August! They grew up just down the road from one another, but didn't fall in love until much later of course. Their wedding was unique from the gangster mentality of the groomsmen, to their dog Oscar being the ring bearer, to the tatoos they required all guests to wear as admittance to the ceremony. The list goes on and on. The day was so full of personality and fun.

One of the most memorable moments we have ever photographed was Kelsey and Andy's tandem bike ride from their ceremony to Andy's parent's property where they held the reception. Kelsey trusted Andy to get her there in his tux while she rode on the back in her dress and heals! The sun was setting and the moments were amazing. Josh took the photos but I was the stunt driver. That's what makes us a great team :) It would have never happened if we didn't have both of us!

Thanks for the laughter and all the fun Kelsey and Andy. We had a great time!!

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Diana said...

You did some great work. I love her idea for the tattoos as well! She is absolutely beautiful and you really did a good job bringing out their personalities.