Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ben + Steph's Oregon Coast engagement shoot

We met up with Ben and Steph this past weekend just outside of Canon Beach for their engagement shoot. We had a great time with these two flying a kite, tossing a football and walking along the shoreline. Josh was brave enough to roll up his pants and get about knee deep in the surf to get some of the best shots of the day. I'm a clutz so I decided not to risk dropping my camera in the water. They are only 2 short weeks away from getting married so stay tuned for photos from their big day!


Karen (Mikols) Bonar said...

LOVE the photo of them flying the kite on the shore! UTTERLY FAB!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maggie and Josh,

Maybe it's because I love the Oregon Coast so so so much, maybe it's the fun song, but I think this is one of your very best slideshows. I could watch it over and over!