Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nicole + Joe's wedding

My cousin Nicole and her husband Joe were married last month up in the middle of Washington state. It was a little hot and a tad windy that day, but it didn't stop these two from throwing a good party and having a great time.

We don't often stop and listen to the vows during ceremonies, because we are working on getting the right angle and waiting for that smile or that one tear to fall. But Nicole's vows for Joe had such a sweet message in them. She talked about how Joe always eats the cookies she makes, and then tells her to never make cookies again. But not matter what, she bakes another round, and faithfully, he eats every last one. She ended with "may our cookie jar always be full..." It's those small things in life that make people so special to us and I loved that message.

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Anonymous said...

These are some great shots. Sorry we couldn't make it.
Love & Best Wishes!
Daryl & Marla