Saturday, November 3, 2007

LinzMarie Designs

When we were first starting to pick up business and establish ourselves 2 years ago, we had the pleasure of booking with Lindsay an John for their 2006 July wedding. They were phenomenal people and we had such a great time with them on their engagement shoot through their wedding day. They established for us how we want to interact with clients and the fact that we don't just want to stand around and take photos and go home... we want to party and have a great time and get to know our clients as friends. It makes our work that much stronger in the end and it makes our job better too!

Lindsay is a graphic designer here in Portland and she has been working at getting her own invitation design business going for a year or so. She has now gotten a business blog going and will soon have a website. Her work is beautiful and she is awesome to work with so to all our brides and to those just passing through and reading this... check her out and hire her for your custom invitation designs!

There will be a permanent link to the right on our blog but you can click this one for now. You can always ask me for more details too!



Karen Mikols said...


Thanks for the AMAZING link!

linzmarie designs said...

you are the best!