Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Steve & Kari's engagement

Steve and Kari were a blast to be around on their engagement shoot last week. Maggie and I had a great time taking their photos and getting to know them. We all got to do something they both loved to do and it was fun for us to visit some new places. The first thing we did was go to one of their favorite wineries, David Hill Winery. They often travel around Oregon to go wine tasting and they had just recently been to David Hill and loved the beautiful property. We did too! It was cool to see the grape leaves had changed to yellow.

Then we ended the photo shoot where Steve and Kari first met - Elmonica Elementary school in Beaverton. They went to school together through high school. It was funny hearing the stories about how they didn't like each other and hung out in different crowds. They had us laughing. It was after high school that they met again and fell in love. One cool part of the shoot was when they took us to the "kissing tree" behind the school. Of course we had them kiss under it :)

Oh and even though it stings a little, we let them wear their University of Oregon hats for a couple shots. (Maggie is a OSU Beav)

Enjoy some of our favorites from the shoot along with a link the slideshow on our website.

To view their slideshow CLICK HERE

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