Monday, May 11, 2009

Cancun part 1

Josh and I took a much needed break in Mexico this past week. We were very disconnected from the world. No phone. No internet. Just sunshine (a.k.a. sunburns), the Gulf of Mexico, 90 degree weather, amazing food, great people, Myan ruins, swimming with fishies in fresh water cenotes, zero Swine Flu and our best friends Thomas and Rachel by our sides. Josh did most of the documenting, while I sat back and enjoyed being unplugged from the world. These are just a few of almost 2000 photos we took.

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Alice Falzone ( said...

if i didn't love and respect you two, i would tell you that i hate you for having gone to such a gorgeous warm sunny and relaxing place, while josh and i were here in rainy and cold portland!! :-)