Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cancun part 2

Here are many more photos from our Mexico adventure this past week. We had so much fun swimming in the gulf, driving around small towns in a rental car, swimming in a fresh water cenote (with fishies!), and climbing to the top of some Myan ruins. We all got sunburned as you will see in some photos. Ouch! Other than that, the trip was perfect! We brought a couple face masks just to remember the swine flu in case you were wondering about those photos.


Trevor Carpenter said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! I bet it was deserted down there. Great time!

jami curl said...

hi honeysuckle!
looks like you had an amazing trip! the photographs are beautiful! Maggie, that sunburn - holy crap! hope you had plenty of aloe!

Jade Sheldon said...

Awww!! :D

It looks like you all had a FANTASTIC time. I'm glad to see that you and Josh got to be in photos together (Cory and I know all too well what it is like not being in photos together because one of us is behind the camera, haha).